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Sajad Mahyaei

Projects 🚀

Rocketie Website

Developed an SEO-friendly NFT website

rocketie website

Lolo Website

Developed a website with Next.js, TailwindCSS and Strapi for the CMS

lolo website

Replit Careers

An aesthetically pleasing replicate of the Replit Careers page

replit careers

Chat App

A Chatting app created with Next.js and ContextAPI

chat app project

Gmail Clone App

A Gmail clone created with Next.js and Pure CSS and emojis

gmail clone project

CRUD Exchange Orders App

A CRUD Application created with Next.js, MaterialUI, Nest.js and MongoDB

crud exchange app

Location Sharing Modal

An app to save a user's location with React.js, ContextAPI and Leaflet.js

location sharing modal

BattleShip Game

A game of battleship created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Memory Card Game

A memory card game created with React and Pure CSS

memory card game

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